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they do just go wrong

Executive (team) coaching

What makes true leaders successful?

In this rapidly changing world, the role of leaders in organisations is also changing.
Today, leadership and cooperation is all about connection, inspiration, innovation and adaptability.

As top leader of an organisation, you have a major impact on the people around you. The hectic pace of everyday life and always being ‘on’ often leaves little time for reflection and self-insight. Knowing yourself well and understanding how you relate to others is not a luxury but a necessity.

Invest in your leadership
Your executive coach will pay for itself!

Executive coaching is a specific form of leadership development that requires customisation.

Which executive coach suits you and your issues?

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What leaders say about JETTING executive (team) coaching

Coaching by Annejet is a gift to yourself. As a first introduction to coaching or when, like me, you regularly use coaching as an essential part of your career development… Because Annejet included my driving forces, many more pieces fell into place for me. With her warm, engaging approach and clear communication, she responds quickly and directly and helps you to see connections. It has given me new and practical insights as I take the next step in my career.

Annejet is a great woman and a fantastic coach for executives. Moreover, she is alert, empathetic and flexible. Some time ago, Annejet did an excellent job to help me out. She took up the challenge in a difficult and precarious situation. What had happened? The immediate follow-up to an initial meeting of some of my client's executives with the career coach I initially suggested had ended in debacle... Annejet thus started her meetings in a situation of resistance. Each of them gave her the confidence to go through an intensive and sometimes confronting executive coaching process. Annejet's professional attitude, her to-the-point and professional approach and empathetic way of working made the process a success for those involved. Hats off to Annejet.

I have experienced Annejet as a results-oriented coach who sees things quickly and clearly and isn’t afraid to point things out directly. At the same time, she is empathetic. This particular combination has definitely helped me move forward in my development.

During a six month period she facilitated team sessions with the key purpose of building trust, getting to know other team members better as well as gaining more understanding of oneself for each of the team members... As a result we were able to significantly increase our capability to function as a team, while every team member individually also has grown in understanding themselves as well as the other team members. One significant achievement was that team members have learned to articulate why they value others in the team. Even people that before experienced difficulty in getting along well were able to start seeing the good things in each other and articulated this in front of the entire team. Annejet was able to create a safe atmosphere where everyone’s contribution was ensured and valued. Her facilitation skills and strong belief in her approach and supporting tools made a real difference for our team. A highly recommended business partner.

Annejet has helped me and my colleagues with great insight, humour and energy to achieve better cooperation based on a better understanding of each other as persons, humans and officers with a greater understanding of each other's strengths and weaknesses. She did so by "unleashing on us" a well-tailored mix of theoretical knowledge and exercises, both individually and collectively, that stimulated and inspired us to learn more, ask each other questions and explore other avenues to consider and realise practical improvements and other solutions.

Personal coaching with Annejet… what a gift it was for me! Annejet is a true professional and gets to the heart of the matter quickly. She is also friendly, practical, inspiring, respectful and has an almost limitless knowledge of what moves people. I also found her to be a warm-hearted person with great empathy and humour. For me, this was extremely informative and enjoyable, truly a valuable journey of discovery! Personal leadership sounded like an abstract term before we got started, now it is something I have been able to make my own.

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