Expert in leadership development since 2006

"My approach is not for everyone

It is for real leaders who want, dare or have to mirror themselves


I started JETTING in 2006, at a time when coaching was still considered a sign of inability. By now, real leaders understand that, to be able to function at a high level, it is necessary to slow down and reflect on oneself.

Many have described my approach as ‘hard on substance; soft on the human relationship’. Which is true. I quickly get to the heart of the matter; I communicate clearly and I mirror you respectfully.

My approach, in everything I do, is simple yet profound. Empathetic and effective. Connecting and a bit adventurous.

I work only with very best tools and the very best professionals in my network. I like to connect people in my network, because ‘giving makes happy’.

Would you like to know how others experience me both as a person as well as a professional? Check out my LinkedIn page.

View on Perception

Driving the Great Ocean Road in Australia, you pass the 1848 lighthouse ‘Cape Otway’. Where two strong currents meet, with the coast in sight, many a ship wrecked. For years, the reliable light was ‘the beacon of hope’ for helmsmen.

When I took this picture feeling the sea breeze in my face, I saw the resemblance to JETTING.

She reliably illuminates blind spots. She gives the helmsmen in organisations insight into perception, their actions and the effect on their environment. She helps leaders make effective choices and steer the right course in turbulent times.

If you find yourself in Australia sometime, then be sure to climb up into this oldest preserved lighthouse and enjoy the view. Worth the effort!

JETTING - Mission

Annejet de Blécourt contributes to strengthening ecosystems within organisations, from a relational perspective. Through leadership development in many facets, she enables everyone to flourish better.

JETTING - Vision

Annejet de Blécourt makes leaders aware of the effects of their actions and attitudes. This leads to accelerating and increasing Perception Thinking so they can make well-considered (ethical) choices in an increasingly complex world.

Annejet de Blécourt

is moving between the roles of executive (team) coach, trainer, mediator, assessment specialist and external confidential counselor for many years.

She is founder of the JETTING (2006) leadership development agency and co-founder of VertrouwensKracht (2023) for external confidential counselors.

Annejet is an expert in applying a wide range of assessments, for both individuals and teams; for appointment assessments and job benchmarks. She has worked with Intermediair and NCOI and developed many other (accredited) training courses. She is also an expert in the field of ethical leadership.

Annejet is an accredited NOBCO-EMCC coach, a member of the Executive Coaching Section, a NOBCO editorial member and a member of the Writers’ Collective. She co-authored the book 7 Perspectieven op leiderschap – Inzichten uit executive coachingThe English translation will follow in due course.

She is certified for all TTI Success Insights assessments (world leading company in online assessments). In the Netherlands, she is a selected partner and has been an external certification trainer in the Benelux since 2008.

Annejet is a certified Confidential Counselor and accredited with the Landelijke Vereniging voor Vertrouwenspersonen (National Association of Confidential Counselors). She is also a trained mediator. | |

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