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"An assessment is not an end in itself…

it is a proven tool for accelerating and deepening self-insight, (team) coaching, recruitment and working relationships


Early in our lives, we develop patterns. Patterns in thinking and doing; in likes and dislikes. Patterns arise from a combination of hereditary factors, origin, upbringing, education, experience, knowledge, etc. They help us to make sense and bring order to chaos.

But in a rapidly changing environment, patterns can become ineffective.
Do you realise that in time?

Many of our patterns can be made transparant through good validated online assessments. Assessments accelerates and deepens self-insight, personal development and constructive cooperation.

JETTING is proud to have partnered with the world leading company in online assessments since 2008: TTI Success Insights.

With their multi-science approach, it is possible to measure different facets of personality separately and combine them into a single report.

The next certification training Annejet will teach is on March 18 and 19, 2024. Please contact us for more information.

What respondents say about JETTING assessments

Some of the most commonly heard statements about personal assessment analysis during insight interviews or team training:
- Is this really all coming from that short questionnaire?
- It’s scary how accurate this is…
- Now I can finally put words to my feelings…
- I wish I had known this about myself years ago…

I experienced the certification training from TTI Success Insights... as very positive. These were two very challenging days that were very ineresting, also because of Annejet's style of training. Her ability to deal with different (behavioural) styles in a group is amazing, as is her ability to understand and answer any question immediately.

Annejet was my trainer for a two day training… to become a specialist in the ‘Behavioural and Driving Forces analysis’. Annejet is a true inspirational and professional trainer. With her pace she kept the group motivated and involved.

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