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Leadership Development

Executive (team) coaching

What makes true leaders successful?

How do you become and stay a level-5 leader?

How can you optimise working relationships?


Accelerate and deepen self-insight, (team) coaching, recruitment and professional collaboration.

JETTING uses only the very best assessments.

Become certified to work with these assessments yourself. to work.

Leadership & Ethics

What values ​​are in your corporate culture and from which values ​​do you act? Is your organisation money driven or purpose driven?

Is your organization money-driven or

Are ethical dilemmas negotiable at all levels?

Confidential counselors
and more...

Certified external confidential counselors

Independent complaints committee

Intervision for confidential counselors

Author | Speaker

Which 7 perspectives on leadership are essential for the future?

Five senior executive coaches provide insight from their longterm experience.

Annejet wrote the first two chapters:
Executives and self-insight
Optimising working relations

Leader = a title

Leadership = an attitude

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