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In 2021, five senior executive coaches, all members of the NOBCO Executive Coaching Section, decided to reflect on perspectives of leadership that are increasingly important in this rapidly changing world. All five have years of experience and they have spent thousands of hours talking to leaders.

Leadership from the perception of executive coaches – a book like that had not been written yet! Now it has 😉 This book gives you insight, practical tools, a new model and it is full of recognisable real-life examples.

You can order this book at or on this website.

If you order on this website, I also can write something personal in the book. Maybe for yourself or as a gift. Or maybe you would like to surprise all the managers in your organisation. If so, please add an instruction under ‘comments’.

For an interactive session on the 7 Perspectives on leadership, see under Speaker.

7 Perspectives on leadership

The seven leadership perspectives are written from the inside out and from small to large.
I wrote the first two perspectives.

Annejet is currently working on her next book about Perception Thinking.

Listen to the podcast The Irrisistible Employer (in Dutch) in which Annejet talks about building effective working relationships.


Speaker I enjoy speaking on issues that touch, motivate and resonate for a long time to come, such as: self-insight, working relations and ethical leadership.

How I do that?


In 2019, we sold our house in The Hague and moved to Ecuador and later Costa Rica. Unfortunately, the Covid pandemic forced us to come back to the Netherlands. During this period abroad, I reflected on what I had been discussing with coachees all these years.

What had I spent all those hundreds of hours on? In one word: PERCEPTION. Everything is perception, because: your Observation = your Perception = your Truth = determines your Behaviour & Choices and affects your Environment.

Perception Thinking changes your life!

I blog with humour about human relationships, leadership, coaching and other matters close to my heart. View on perception!

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