TTI SI certification

Are you a professional person working with other people? Would you like to apply the assessments of bureau JETTING yourself, without having to pay consultancy hours? That is possible and very simple. You can follow the certification training of the world leading “instrument builder” TTI Success Insights (TTI SI), through bureau JETTING. TTI Success Insights are valid and reliable measuring tools. They are available in many languages and are used internationally.

Certification provides you with many benefits:

  • Independent applying assessments
  • No consultant necessary for feedback meetings
  • (Inter)national network with substantively trained colleagues
  • Various trainings to increase your expertise, at reduced cost
  • Substantive support, including work forms / practice
  • Access to the annual TTI Success Insights event for a reduced price
  • Sales support
  • No annual licensing costs

Find out here about the English training dates.