When working in a team of persons with different personalities, it’s very easy to lose each other along the way. Cooperation is something that never works on its own accord, but will always go wrong when left to itself.

A working relationship, just as any other kind of relationship, is built on hard work and investment. Investing time in getting to know each other and discovering each other’s strengths. Differences can mean power, but only when there is mutual understanding.

After all, we each see the world from our own point of view. We feel the most comfortable in our own type of behaviour, our own sort of communication and motivations, right? And let´s be honest, we often think that it is the best way too. But once you come to know why your team (member) communicates in such a different way and carries out tasks or is motivated by other things, your combined strengths will make you even stronger!

bureau JETTING assures you of good team coaching if:

  • there are at least two of you
  • you are each willing to invest in a working relationship
  • if you want answers about behaviour, communication, cooperation, motivation, talents, EQ
  • if you each take responsibility for your own learning process
  • if you value the approach: “hard on the issue, soft on the person”
  • if you are result-oriented

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