When is a team a team?

Is your team just a group of (nice or not so nice) people who work together in the same department, or are you really a team?

Can you answer at least half of the following questions about your team?
If not, then bureau Jetting will be pleased to help you!

  • Do we invest in our working relationship, or are we just a group of (nice) people in the same department?
  • As a team, what is actually our “raison d’etre” or common purpose?
  • If we carry on as we are, will we still have a common purpose in 3 years’ time?
  • What are our team’s core values?
  • What are our team’s key qualities?
  • What do we stand for as a team? (mission)
  • What is the aim of our team? (vision)
  • In what ways are our team’s mission and vision connected to that of the organisation?
  • How can this be reflected in reality?
  • Do we know what the strategic aims of the organisation are?
  • How do we convey this?
  • What do our internal and external clients notice about our aims in our behaviour and communication?
  • Do we know each other’s strengths and weaknesses? How do we make optimum use of these?
  • Do we make this open to discussion in a neutral way?
  • How can we ensure our working together being more fun, more interesting and more efficient?