Behaviour is about the way someone carries out tasks and communicates (how).
Driving Forces are about the motivation behind those actions (why).

Simply: what do you want and how do you get there?

Talents however show a person’s natural ability (what). That can differ for every person. Where the one person has extensive empathetic capability, another person will be good at his conceptual approach to issues. Where the one person excels in planning and organisation, the other will have problem-solving capabilities, etc.

However, talents do not stand alone. Interesting combinations may result when talents are blended with driving forces and behaviour. For instance, someone may, through motivation, find pleasure in taking the lead in solving problems. Just imagine, the manner (behaviour) in which he then carries it out is result-oriented. If his problem-solving capability is also a natural talent, then this trouble-shooter can absolutely effect good solutions. But imagine that his problem-solving capability is not a natural talent, how will you view this employee than?

The Talent assessment will give both the employee and the organisation insight into (hidden) potential.