Stress/Vitality analysis

Did you ever get that positive, healthy and stimulating feeling of exhilaration? That’s when we find the energy activating us to be on the alert, to achieve and to reach out goals.

Each person has their own moment when eustress switches over to unhealthy stress (distress). That is why experiencing distress is such a personal, subjective mindset. It is very difficult for an organisation or manager to assess the stress tolerance of an employee or of a team. Absenteeism is often seen as evidence of distress, but by then you are too late!

Measure to Manage
The Stress/Vitality analysis is a diagnostic tool for accessibly measuring stress and vitality and making a situation negotiable before it is too late. You can implement the analysis for an individual employee or for teams (completely anonymously).

The 7 stress factors and 17 sub factors measured are:
Control (involvement / empowerment)
Demands (time management / competency job match)
Effort/Reward Balance (meaningfulness / recognition and reward)
Job Security (opportunity / job stability / workplace trust)
Manager / Supervision (management awareness / management style)
Organisational Change (communication / evolution / vision)
Social Support (avoidance / cooperation / frustration)

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