Risk analysis

“The right person for the right job”, usually easier said than done.

The visible part of a personality – Behaviour – we can observe during the job interview. But will you be able to pierce that shell in such a short time to discover their Motivation…? their Talents…? or their level of Emotional Intelligence? Do you know how to engage at the long term?
Besides knowledge and experience, these are exactly the facets of personality that will prove you have found the right person for the job.

Expectation Management
It so often happens that, a while after recruitment, it turns out that the applicant does not exactly live up to the “expectations”. Is that just attributable to the new colleague, or could you have initiated a better recruitment-expectation management?
Bureau JETTING’s Risk Analysis will provide you with specific tools for discussing open and honest expectations in advance. After recruitment, you will have a tool with which to stimulate further development.

High Impact Jobs
It is strongly advised to always use the Risk Analysis for high impact jobs. A simple calculation:

  • What is the recruitment office fee for this job?
  • How much time / money / energy will we need to invest in the introduction period?
  • If this person fails, how much will that cost us?
  • How much will it cost to restart the recruitment procedure?

Job Vacancy Text
Though last mentioned, the most important step in the hiring process is definitely the job vacancy text.
The way you word the job description will influence the type of applicants who react. For example, do you know enough about driving forces to provide the trigger text for attracting the right applicants? Bureau JETTING helps out!