Have you ever heard these statements? “The one half of the Netherlands is coaching the other half” or “Nowadays anybody can call them self a coach”. Such a pity, but there is some truth in this.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure you know what you are getting when you hire a coach. It is essential to have a good rapport with your coach, but does the coach you choose have the proper qualities and skills?

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Infosheet – Your Coach Checklist – ENG

What should you watch out for or what can you ask?

  • Coaching education – at least a bachelor’s degree
  • Years of coaching experience
  • Type of coaching
  • Types of clients
  • What working procedures does the coach follow?
  • Professional Code of Ethics?
  • Quality mark: is the coach affiliated to a professional organization? The NOBCO for example: Nederlandse Orde van Beroepscoaches (Dutch Association of Professional Coaches) / EMCC: European Mentoring & Coaching Council  EMCC).
  • Complaints Committee?

A good and honest coach will also have no problem refusing an assignment where a different kind of counselling is needed than what he/she can offer you.