Those who are in the know – what do they say about bureau JETTING?

“I’ve learned more about myself in the past 90 minutes, than in the last 20 years using these types of instruments.” – Senior executive

“I have reached my goals… taking huge steps for protecting my boundaries(work/private), making choices to guarantee this and then making choices about my work… Annejet guided me through this, showing where the problem lay, how I could change it and that I had the ability to do so.” – Talent & Development manager

“Working with Annejet has been a massive and beneficial eye opener for my personal development and self-awareness. I think the information I have learned during this process has already had a positive impact on my life. More importantly, I have now been given the tools to empower me to improve myself.” – Financial Controller

“I would describe the coaching trajectory as follows: trust, aha-moments, professional and the coach knows what she’s talking about.” – Team coördinator

“Very professional, genuinely interested in how I am keeping, in a warm atmosphere of trust. Being challenged to think by confrontational questions about myself, providing the basis for adjusting decisions for the future.” – Behaviour expert

“Annejet showed me another side of myself, in an open and considerate manner – the start of an important learning process.” – L&D manager

“The session with the coach and the training actor was of tremendous added value! I am now much more aware of my actions. Why I say things and how I act and feel.” – Team coördinator

“I was not surprised by your invoice – quality comes at a price!! After our confirmation chat, I felt so much better. Thanks!”  – Manager

“The process was profoundly professional and highly ethical. Introspection, differentiating behaviour from motivation and talents, is remarkably enlightening.” – Project manager and company Advisor

“Bureau JETTING goes that extra mile. No obscure anecdotes or baffling byways, just serious business. If you want to go places or really want to achieve something, then JETTING is definitely your bureau!” – PA

“Annejet’s coaching style is absolutely professional, cordial, astute and perceptive. She effortlessly pinpoints the underlying cause and holds a mirror up to you. The insight you get from this, is of great value to your personal and business awareness and development.” – PA

“Annejet is a skilled trainer who guides you through the programme in a kind, sympathetic but firm way…” – Marga Janse, chairwoman Flevoland Business Women

“I’ve experienced Annejet as trainer… Her expertise of coaching and assessments (driving forces and behaviour) are unchallenged. A real professional, good interventions and effective feedback which help you to take steps forward. Complete and colourful person with valuable insights – every person and company can and should benefit from her!”
– Hille de Gooijer, eigenaar Bizzalicous

“Annejet is an enthusiastic trainer. Based on her broad experience as a coach, she knows the tricks and trades
of coaching. Being the person that she is, she inspired me to use the MDI (TSI red.) method for personal and group
development.” – Cees Jellema, sr. HR Officer bij Ballast Nedam

“I have seen Annejet as chairwoman/ interviewer and was very impressed by her professionalism, her competence in connecting speakers. Furthermore, she knows how to ask the speakers the right questions, so that everyone present can benefit from the knowledge and insight given. Besides that, she also has a very pleasant voice for listening to. I would definitely recommend Annejet as chairwoman of the day at conferences.” – Jeff Gaspersz, member Wetenschappelijke Raad voor Leiderschap en Innovatie

“Annejet is a cordial, professional chairwoman, who can hold her own in a meeting with 600 women.” 
– Henriëtte Boven, Portfolio manager Reed Business

“I have known Annejet since early 2013, when she was chairwoman of the network organisation BNI Seabiscuit in Wassenaar. Full of passion, (positive energy, knowledge and skill, structure, professionalism, hospitality and warmth, Annejet has shown how a chairperson can make himself indispensable within a network organisation. As ‘captain’ of the Leadership team, she laid the foundation for implementing the achievement of increase in turnover for everyone within BNI Seabiscuit.”   – Benjamin Scholten, Managing Partner
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