Wherever you are, you will see interaction between people.

How does behaviour of others affect you? Do you find it intriguing, confronting, exciting, annoying?

Connecting with someone (or not…) is largely determined by the way in which we communicate and do our work – that is: behaviour. The differences can be substantial, so that we lose each other along the way.

Would you like to understand yourself better? Would you like to have insight into the perceptions of those around you? Would you like to understand others and connect with them? Would you like to act more effectively in specific situations?

The personal Behaviour assessment* is essential for all professionals working with others and who wish to excel even more.

Behaviour and 360° / 720°
ntrospection is not the only road to improvement. Perception from those around you can make the picture clearer. That’s why it is possible to link the Behaviour assessment to a 360° / 720° feedback measurement.

* bureau JETTING works with TTI Success Insights’ leading assessments – available in more than 40 languages.