Committed, reliable and approachable – that’s the way bureau JETTING works. Hard on the issue, soft on the person, always with a touch of humour – that is what clients value in bureau JETTING.

Of course, we start off with a preliminary meeting in which we define the core of your question / issue together. Whether that is personal, for your team or for your organisation. Our starting point will be the results we are aiming for. Being flexible enough to change course in the meantime, if necessary.

bureau JETTING will engage a training actor when useful, by which the Power Experience Learning will be an extra key to success.

We only work with trusted partners, under which:

  • assessments: TTI Success Insights – Benelux
  • training actor: Shamal Binnendijk (
  • NOBCO: Vaksectie Executive Coaching
  • various trainers, each with their own speciality