About Annejet

AnnejetAnnejet de Blécourt (BHRM) set up bureau JETTING in 2006. Her substantive experience, knowledge and courses have undergone a symbiosis. Her clients are touched and motivated by her fresh and innovative approach. She gets to the core quickly, using bold questions. Through a nicely balanced and confrontational content and humour, AHA-moments emerge. Being result-oriented, she never loses sight of the intended goal.

Annejet is also a welcome chairwoman/speaker at events.

What makes Annejet tick?

“Long ago, a Chinese philosopher said: “Understanding others is knowledge, understanding yourself is true wisdom”, and so it is. I get a kick out of seeing self-awareness growing. Have you ever experienced a real AHA-moment? It’s marvellous when a client or a team really acts on it! Because, at the end of the day, measurable results make me happy too.”





Associate EMCC / NOBCO and member Vaksectie Executive Coaching






Certified consultant / distributor /  certificatietrainer TTI Success Insights Benelux