360° / 720° Feedback

To measure = to know = tailored development and growth

Making improvements to yourself or your employees, raises the well-founded question: how do those in the environment view this person?

Using the 360° feedback measurement tool, the perception of the person receiving feedback (self-reflection) is offset against that of the persons giving feedback (environment reflection). To put it simply:

  • Receiving feedback: do I view myself as having mastered the various facets of the competencies listed?
  • Giving feedback: to what extent do I see the feedback-receiver putting these facets of the competency into practice?

The 360° Feedback tool can be implemented at any moment and in every phase of development: prior to the baseline or in between times as benchmarking moment. Or afterwards, as a 720 target measurement. Development will then be result-oriented.

+/+ the competency database can be made to exactly match your organisation’s needs.

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